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Arrive on time: Using Vancouver’s Open Data Program to provide Vancouverites with up-to-date info about bus arrivals

October 16th, 2013

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TransLinkBusTracker Logo This morning, Beyond 2.0 launched – Vancouver’s newest real-time transit app. Using TransLink’s real-time GPS data, Beyond 2.0’s award winning Bus Tracker app will provide Vancouver bus users with up-to-the-minute information on when their bus will be arriving.

“As regular users of public transit, Beyond 2.0 understands the needs of daily commuters and we have designed our app with them in mind,” said Ryan Androsoff, President and co-founder of Beyond 2.0. “Thanks to the City of TVancouver’s Open Data program, we are able to create innovative new products like TransLinkBusTracker which help make people’s daily lives a little bit easier”.

5 Awesome TransLinkBusTracker Features

It’s free!
100% totally and completely free to use.

Works on any device
The device-agnostic responsive app means users can use it on any device. It’s iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, tablet, and desktop friendly.

No app store downloads are required
Don’t worry about updates, logging in, signing up or any extra tasks that get between you and getting the information you need as fast as possible.

Customized to the user’s preferences
Users can save their favourite buses or bus stops for quick reference. TransLinkBusTracker also lets users select multiple bus routes to see several options at once.

Live map tracking the bus
Users can follow their bus as it moves through traffic on the live map so they know how much time they have between stops and where possible delays are occurring.

Beyond 2.0’s Business Model

TransLinkBusTracker is completely free to use. Beyond 2.0’s business model for Bus Tracker is based on providing local advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach a targeted audience through both banner and in-map advertising. “Our experience in Ottawa has shown the value to advertisers of being able to use geo-locational targeting to reach transit users. This means advertising dollars are being well spent, and for users of the Bus Tracker app, they are receiving information on products and services that are relevant to them”, said Androsoff.

About Beyond 2.0

Beyond 2.0 is an Ottawa-based startup with a mission of developing innovative ways to use open data...and make the world a little bit of a better place at the same time! Incorporated in February 2013, the co-founders of Beyond 2.0 are driven by a vision of building a new class of entrepreneurs in the new and rapidly growing field of open data innovation. While their first products are focused on using real-time transit data, Beyond 2.0’s long-term vision is to become the leading producer of innovative applications and services built on open data.

Beyond 2.0 currently offers two products: a real-time bus arrival display (perfect for coffee shops, shopping malls, community centers, or anywhere else near transit stops) and an award winning Bus Tracker mobile web app which allows transit users to check real-time GPS transit data anytime, anywhere, on any device. Beyond 2.0 is the only commercial provider of real-time transit displays in Canada and the only North American company to provide an integrated set of real-time transit products that work across all devices and formats.

Beyond 2.0’s products are currently available in Vancouver as well as Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. The Bus Tracker app line will be expanding shortly to Boston, Massachusetts, and Washington DC.

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Arianne Mulaire